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The basic idea of an eye clinic is to offer comprehensive eye care under one roof. We, Agarwal Eye Center, based in Faridabad, Haryana, strive to make a difference in eye care. All patients are assured of the best service and utmost importance is given to hygiene and sanitation. Our clinic is ergonomically designed, with patient comfort being our top priority.  Read More


  • Lazy Eye Treatment
    One of the primary goals of lazy eye treatment is to prevent permanent vision loss and promote optimal visual developmen
    26.05.2024 Latest news
  • Eye trauma specialist
    Their expertise extends beyond clinical care to include patient education on preventive measures to reduce the risk of f
    22.05.2024 Latest news
  • Lazy Eye Treatment
    A lazy eye is a disruption in the normal development of visual pathways between the eye and the brain during early child
    18.05.2024 Latest news
  • Eye trauma specialist
    Eye trauma specialists play a crucial role in providing timely and appropriate care for patients who have experienced ey
    14.05.2024 Latest news
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